Fireflys post sound is the first sound studio in India of its kind that solely dedicated to sound design in films. The first hand experience in sound practice in the most aggressive/competitive of cinema culture raised a few questions for a group of sound recordists and filmmakers.
How could they influence more time and attention for sound work? How could the working environment beimproved for sound recordists on location and studio? How could the technologies be demystified for the filmmakers to explore creative possibilities in sound? Fireflys decided to explore these questions and redefine the conventional studio model.
Their studio opened its doors to day light – sound and light worked together. It recognized the importance of the work space for the people who create the work and the work itself. Fireflys post sound demystified the technological barriers and jargon and encouraged filmmakers to explore/play with sound and its creative possibilities. They supported this with a rigorous intention to detail in the execution and realization facilitated by skilled and experienced sound designers, sound editors and sound engineers. This enhanced the production value of the film and meeting the international specification and standards for distribution and opened up further channels for distribution and exhibition.