At Fireflys, we offer state of the art technology in an intimate setting. Our team of Sound Designers and Editors are thorough professionals well known for their contribution in creative sound design and have the most experience with the specifics of location sound and location sound clean up in all of India. Our clients are filmmakers who are as passionate about their work as we are in ours. To them we offer a variety of services which includes Sound Design for Dolby Atmos (11.1 pre-mix level work), Sound Design in 7.1 / 5.1 / Stereo for feature films, short films, animation and documentaries; location sound clean up; music track laying; sound effects processing; pre mixes and mono mixes. We own an envious collection of sound effects, going out and gathering sound and possess one of the largest sound effect libraries.

We have two Pro-Tools work stations. Work Station A consists of a 11.1 working environment. Work Station B is a more affordable alternative for smaller budget films, powered by Pro-Tools in a Stereo listening environment. Often lower budget films will use Station B for initial work including clean up and move to station A for more elaborate sound designing and pre mixing.